In Biweekly Bulletin, LXR Group Developments

We are delighted to share our annual list of August Recess Reading Recommendations. The list is an initiative undertaken by LXR Group with a two-fold mission: to help spread the word about great books and articles during one of the rare periods when some in the policy community (hopefully) have some time to enjoy them; and, to give something back to the Washington D.C. community.

This year, thanks to your participation and support, we’ve been successful in both regards!  Specifically, we have some great recommendations for you – over 40.  And, we’ve raised $550 for Thrive DC, a local charity that provides an array of services to support and assist our most vulnerable neighbors, including folks who are homeless, suffer from mental illness or substance abuse; and otherwise at risk of falling through the cracks.

Yes, we realize it’s the waning days of summer; we’ll make a point to begin soliciting recommendations earlier next year.  In the meantime, however, we hope you enjoy!

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