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The LXR Group can help you articulate a compelling narrative or policy vision so that your organization can impact public policy. We have track record of working with Democrats and Republicans to reach lasting consensus.

What We Do

We support your policy vision with strategic agenda

At LXR, we understand that the ability of an organization to impact public policy depends upon the quality of an organization’s advocacy agenda.  We also understand how difficult it can be to develop such an agenda that not only succeeds but endures.

Developing and implementing policy agendas

To be effective, a policy or advocacy agenda must succeed on multiple levels. It should:

  • be faithful to the identity of the organization, and yet relevant and useful to policymakers and regulators who are seeking innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • articulate a compelling narrative or policy vision
  • fit into an integrated strategy for pursuing concrete legislative and regulatory goals
  • reflect an acute awareness of where and how its policy aims may align with the aims of other policy stakeholders and policymakers

The LXR Group specializes in assisting organizations of all sizes develop and implement authentic policy agendas from the ground-up. We work directly with executives and their teams to understand the client’s priorities, and translate them into a cohesive policy vision that can be understood and embraced not only by the client, but by regulators and policymakers.

Building broad and diverse coalitions

Seldom is meaningful or enduring policy change primarily the result of an advocacy campaign conducted by a single individual, entity or organization, or even an industry. Consensus amongst external stakeholders, sometimes acting through or within diverse coalitions, can, however, be a highly effective driver of consensus among policymakers, and a prerequisite for achieving policy changes that endure.

The LXR Group excels at building and organizing broad and diverse coalitions for the purpose of shaping the policy debate and advancing public policy goals. Our team prides itself on its established track record of working with Democrats and Republicans to forge lasting consensus around key policy questions, even amidst this time of political polarization and policy uncertainty.

We know what it takes to win a majority and we make sure our clients do too.

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