Media Relations

The LXR Group understands that when companies and organizations engage with the media, important components of their message may be lost in translation. We provide clients experienced and professional guidance to help in their relations with the media from national media to the trade press and everywhere in between.

What We Do

We help you tell your story

Developing a strong message and getting that message heard are essential to your success. When it comes to message development and delivery, knowing what to say, when to say it and who should hear it are all elements of the successful communications strategies we provide to help you tell your story.

Connecting with the media

LXR Group maintains significant relationships with members of the national and industry media. The LXR Group assists its clients at all stages of the communications process, from message development to delivery. We serve the media needs of our clients by providing:

  • strategic communications guidance
  • skilled message development and delivery
  • deep understanding of media needs and interests

Strong relationships with national and industry media, combined with our unparalleled understanding of their processes and priorities, allow the LXR Group to help our clients connect with the media to deliver persuasive, clear and consistent messages that advance their policy goals.

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