State Government Relations

The LXR Group routinely supports clients by drawing on its strong relationships with state financial regulators and legislators, often using its experience to develop and inform model state legislation and model state regulation. The firm’s experience in this crucial area is without peer.

What We Do

We bring novel solutions to complex problems

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote that states “are the laboratories of democracy.” The phenomenon that Justice Brandeis described in 1932 continues to hold true in 2021. The simple fact is that states— because of their diversity — are often the best place for novel solutions to complex problems. Recent years have shown that this is particularly true in regard to policies and regulations addressing innovations in the provision of financial services.

Liaising with state policymakers and regulators

The LXR team prides itself on a long and successful record of working with state policymakers and regulators to identify solutions to complex challenges. We have extensive experience in such areas a capital formation, crowdfunding, and a host of “Fintech” and related areas of policy and regulation, including cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer lending, and “regulatory sandbox” solutions.

Deep relationships with state financial services regulators, and our unparalleled understanding of their processes and priorities allow the LXR group to assist its clients navigate the complex yet critical challenges and opportunities of state regulation.

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