A fundamental difference between LXR Group and other top lobbying and advocacy firms is the nature of our clients.  Since opening our doors in 2021, LXR Group has made a point of partnering exclusively with organizations whose policy interests clearly and genuinely align with the public’s best interests. That means our clients are rarely the largest or most well-resourced stakeholders, but they frequently have the best ideas. We pride ourselves in helping clients ‘punch above their weight’ to translate their good ideas into policy.

“I’ll take this opportunity to let you all know that our policy consultant Mike Canning’s sage strategic advice was invaluable in setting the right meetings, framing the issues in ways that would be compelling, and helping us continue to build momentum.”
– Association President & LXR Group client

“Thoughtful legislative strategy and well-orchestrated advocacy are essential in navigating the halls of Capitol Hill—both front and back halls. Mike Canning’s years of experience with the legislative process—and as importantly its key players—are more important than ever in developing and advancing legislative priorities.”
– Law firm partner & LXR Group client

“I enjoyed the luxury of having Mike Canning by my side during my years as a board member and president-elect of my association. He designed our lobbying strategy on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers and identified pivotal members of Congress to help advance our legislative agenda. I place Mike in the highest regard and have the utmost confidence that he will continue to be exceptionally effective for those clients fortunate enough to have him guide their efforts in Washington.”
– Stephen D. Irwin, former Pennsylvania Commissioner of Banking & Securities

“Bonnie Johnston is a tenacious advocate who combines substantive knowledge with personal professionalism resulting in a winning approach. She is energetic and dedicated to getting the job done.”
– Sue Steinman, Senior Director of Policy & Senior Counsel, American Association for Justice

“I’ve known LXR Group Principal and Founder Mike Canning for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked alongside him on a host of complex policy issues related to financial services and capital markets. He is a poised and seasoned policy professional with a wealth of experience, a talent for legislative strategy, and strong communications skills. He’s also a relentless and effective advocate. I’ve personally hired Mike to support my work on two occasions in the past, and if the need ever arose, I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.”
– Veteran Congressional Chief of Staff

“LXR Principal and Founder Mike Canning thoroughly understands the political and legislative arena. He has been instrumental in the development of legislative proposals at both the State and Federal level. He is the one advocate that you want to represent your organization.”
– Fred Joseph, former Colorado Commissioner of Banking and Securities

“LXR Group Principal and Founder Mike Canning was invaluable to me and to my organization. He helped us understand and navigate what was going on in Congress and inside the Administration, made sure our perspectives were heard and understood, and ultimately, helped secure important changes to the bill that reflected our perspectives.”
– Heath Abshure, former Arkansas Securities Commissioner


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