Federal Government Relations

The LXR Group understands that when companies and organizations engage with the federal government, important components of their message may be lost in translation. We provide clients experienced and professional representation in their relations with the Administration and all federal executive departments.

What We Do

We help build and deliver your message

Navigating the policymaking procress is never easy, and because the policy landscape is constantly shifting, there are often times many possible pathways to success. Effectively, navigating these pathways to ensure success for our clients is exactly what we do and what we do well.

Liaising with policymakers

LXR maintains substantive relationships with the financial services and capital markets policymaking community, including but not limited to policymakers in Congress, and throughout the Administration and independent financial and market regulatory agencies.

We serve our clients government affairs needs by providing them with:

  • strategic guidance
  • skilled advocacy and message development
  • legislative and regulatory intelligence on issues impacting them

By paying careful attention to developments and trends with the potential to impact or alter the financial services policy landscape, we develop strategies for clients that anticipate these changes and the opportunities they bring.

We take our client relationships personally and maintain the highest standards of integrity, loyalty, and unyielding commitment to delivering results.

Our Clients

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